Elliot Rodgers

I made a post similar to this following the Sandy Hook shooting. I don’t have much to say, as it’s already been said:

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5 Ways Japanese TV Shows Are Broken

Read this.

I know I’m supposed to make commentary, or tell a joke, or add some personal insight, but every time I thought of something to say, I read further and the article just says it for me. If you’re at all interested in how Japanese TV works, you’ll like this. If you’ve never seen Japanese TV…you may still find it interesting.

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The Mitsu Dan Challenge

biteSo Japanese TV has thisĀ thing that they do. Nearly every show you’ll find uses celebrities instead of “random” people. If its a gameshow, the contestants are celebrities. If it’s a show re-telling stories of drama, heroism, or just minor interest, there’ll be a panel of celebrities reacting and commenting. Even something as simple as a cooking show will have celebrities either tasting, cooking, or both. It’s quite inescapable.

On one such cooking show, one of the contestants was Continue reading

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I Love Japanese Gameshows

The title of this video is “Don’t laugh farting arm wrestling.” You’ve been warned. Continue reading

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Sorry :(

So I know I’ve kinda dropped off the map since summer. Life’s been a bit busy, and I have a bunch of drafts languishing in “editing purgatory” right now, but a quick rundown of life:


– Work continues to be good, interesting, and busy.

– There were several major Typhoons that hit Japan in the last couple weeks

– I managed to hit 5k of non-stop running with one of those C25K apps. I wake up at about 4 every morning to run for an hour or so, and I’ve managed to drop a couple pounds in the process.

– I contracted Strep Throat, was feverish for several days, and in pretty rough shape for about a week. I’m better now, but it set me back a couple of weeks of progress on my running (meaning that my endurance dropped sharply, and I’ll have to re-train myself back up), so that’s sad.

– Since summer 6 of my co-workers have gone of extended leave due to work-related stress. Kids, man.


Anyhow, I’ll (hopefully) get my ass back into gear to actually push out some articles soon.

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